Friday, 22 May 2015

A Smaller Garden

I posted a while ago about how we were having to move our boundary fence due to a letter from Network Rail, well last half term we stayed home so my husband could move the fences and take down a small wall etc.  The garden is quite a bit smaller now and there is still work to due, plants to go in and we haven't decided what to do with the stone from the small wall that was at the top.  Some of it has been used to make a retaining wall for a small rockery but that is all.
Here is the top of my garden now ( work to do still so excuse poppies and bits poking through!)
We have had to move the seat sideways on now to make it fit, before it was beside the tree seat at the top.

This is how much garden we lost down the side.

It is a shame but nothing we can do, the weeds and brambles will grow back up to the fence now as Network Rail never maintained the land. Maybe we should send them a letter about trespassing when their brambles start to grow over our fence again!
We are off on holiday and my parents are house/dog sitting for us (dogs not coming with us as we are going to Barcelona) so rest of garden work will have to wait.  Must remember to get outdoor furniture out as my dad likes to sit out in the sun, if there is sun here next week.

Changing the subject a little if anyone knows of a good online fabric site that delivers to the UK could you send me a message. I'm having real trouble finding fabric that isn't all the same stuff they have been selling for years. I don't want to be wearing the same pattern for the rest of my life so I have resorted to buying a couple of bits to take away but it always annoys me as I could have made them if I could get hold of the fabric. There are some fabulous U.S sites but the delivery to the UK is ridiculous I don't understand why as I have bought books and CDs from there and the cost has not been so ludicrous. So if anyone knows of somewhere that stocks fashionable fabric please share.

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  1. have a fab time in barcelona I cant wait to see pics.if you find a fabric store let me know..


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