Friday, 10 October 2014

New fabric on order and it's Friday Yay!

I'm feeling good mainly because it's Friday.  It has to be my favourite day because even though I have to go to work ( I know I shouldn't think like that, but I do love days to do as I wish) it has the whole weekend stretching out before it.  Now we don't always accomplish everything we might like at the weekend but on a Friday there seems endless possibilities.
For me this weekend there is going to be more sewing. Making my jacket after a few weeks absence has reminded me that my mind is clearer and most at rest when I have a sewing task to get on with. I have some bits of fabric left and a large piece which will become a dress but sometimes the leftover bits force you to become more creative.
I also have a large bag of alterations that someone dropped off the other evening which will keep me very busy and has also inspired me to buy some fabric for me. The cost will only be a small amount out of the money I will make from the alterations, I ordered from fabric rehab. I may have mentioned them before, it is a gorgeous website but they sell by the fat quarter which many of you will know is not a cheap way to buy fabric, especially if you are a dress maker and not a quilter.
I ordered this...
This will become a large tote bag for me, the kind that can hold a ring binder for work ( and my lunch of course) and any other bits and bobs. Unless it arrives and it just has to be something else.

I also ordered this ...

Now this I will make into a skirt but I really want to find some fabric in the royal blue to make a top but more of a jumper, so something with a bit of weight to it to go with the skirt.
Now I don't know when this will arrive so for the  meantime I will have to make do with what I have.
I don't feel at all guilty about my purchases as I know the items will be made by myself here in the uk.  I also appreciate the time that goes into making things so I don't shop excessively and my fabric purchases are very well spaced and it all gets used up.  I often read about people with huge fabric stashes (I look on in envy too). Ok just kidding that is totally up to the individual but for me I would have the nagging voice going 'when are you going to make that up, come on when?' and that would just drive me potty.
Soon it will be time to make some Christmasy things (Spell check did not recognise Christmasy) well as made up word I can spell it how I want then.

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