Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Fabric, Books and Under the Weather

Well the last couple of days have been a little unproductive as I have not been well. I am wondering if it is the change in the weather all of a sudden but I have had a bit of everything.  they say you don't catch cold from the cold (I know it is a virus) but why is it as soon as the temperature drops everyone starts dropping with it.
My fabric arrived but I have no energy to get started so it will have to wait, I am also now confused as to what to do with it.
The tartan fabric is lovely and soft and would make lovely winter cushions so a bag no longer looks likely. The fabric with the birds will still be a skirt but the birds are a lot smaller than I thought so they do not give the impact I had hoped.
If I go down the route of making cushions though I will have to replace all of my living room cushions with wintry ones. That feels like an unnecessary expense so unless I can come up with a frugal or recycled way of sourcing knit or fleece fabric we will have to see.  My patchwork cushions are perhaps more suited to spring summer, hmm.... unwanted woollies anyone?

This kind of thing would work with old jumpers.

While I have been feeling rubbish I have been reading Thinking fast and slow by Daniel Kahneman ,if you are interested follow the link in the side panel . It is really interesting and I love books that teach you about how you think and why. One small thing in it stuck in my mind and it was about an experiment where students were asked to read an amusing text, some held a pencil in their mouths sideways forcing them to smile. The others held it pout fashion, the ones smiling found the text more amusing.  Basically if you make yourself smile more you naturally feel better.  I have read about this before but we need these reminders don't we.
I have some little Amazon ads down the side of the blog now, don't know how this will work or if it will but I thought I'd give it a little try as I shop on there for my books and with Christmas coming I'll be buying off there for my children too. Nothing too invasive.
Oh, I also bought myself some B vitamins thanks to Pam in Texas for reminding me about that I'm sure when I recover I will feel the benefit.


  1. I do hope you are feeling better, so glad that you got the B vitamins, I know that they help me greatly.
    Take some time for yourself, its remarkable what our bodies can do to repair and recover, if we take time out to rest. You are the most important person in your life, treat yourself to some down time.
    I have decided this year to give money gifts to my grandchildren at Christmas, its all they really want anyway.
    Previously I have run myself ragged shopping and wrapping etc. Its a load off my mind, looking for more ways to cut out the stress of the season.
    Love from Pam in TX.xx

  2. Christmas shouldn't be stressful and if it is it starts to lose all meaning. If you buy for other relatives why not see if the whole family would like to put names in and pick one, you can agree on an amount and just buy one meaningful gift for the selected person. You could also suggest either a pot luck style main meal or have a rota and only one person has the stress of cooking every so many years, the other years you get a rest ( everyone hepl with clearing up though). Card writing can also get out of hand, just send to close friends and family and tell all other acquaintances you will give to charity in their honour. That should cut out most of the stress.


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