Thursday, 9 January 2014

Using up fabric, doll, notebook and gadget cover

I thought I would share today a couple of my favourite little things that I made when I was using up bits I had left. I said recently I would make some dolls soon but this is one I made a while ago when I was on holiday and using up some leftover fabric.  Now her face is a little odd shaped I think and I hand stitched the features, the hair is felt, the body an old t-shirt, jacket is from old jeans. Just bits and bobs really and she was my first attempt so she sits on my sewing table.

She is 30cm and like I said not perfect but I bet a little girl would love her mum to make her a doll that no one else has, she could choose the hair  colour, eye colour and maybe even have matching clothes. If you sew and have leftover scraps it wouldn't cost you a penny.  (Just an idea, I don't have girls myself, two boys).
Another thing that  I use all the time is my cover for my MP3 again it was made from leftover denim and cotton plus a little felt. I just lay it on top, cut around it, cut the same pieces again from felt, stitched it all together, turned it through and added a loop and button. 

As you can see I don't have an iPod it is a creative zen xfi, my husband bought it for me four Christmases ago I think it was, and it is really good, great sound and no problems and it cost less then the iPod too, always a good thing. 

Finally here is a little note book I covered for myself now the stitching is a bit crooked and if it was for some one else I would have redone it but as it is just on my computer table it's ok. I also put a little motivational piece I found online in the front to remind me to stay positive.

I suppose any of these things could be made as gifts and I have given friends phone covers before, you could make them more personal by adding themes that suit the recipient.

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  1. These are great. I have made similar journals for my nieces with their initials embroidered.


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