Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Feels like a new outfit for free

Well I said I was going to try and mix up my clothes a bit instead of wearing them in the same predictable way and also to curb any temptations to buy unnecessary new stuff.  Now my husband would probably laugh at that because I don't go mad buying clothes anyway and he's more of a 'if you like it get it' sort, whereas I will walk around a shop with something and then talk myself out of it. I think that is a good thing however so here is what I decided to put together and wear.  The skirt was from a charity shop about five years ago and was £4, I usually match it to a blue jumper,  long sleeved t-shirt £3 primark, a couple of years old, cardigan £2 primark sale last year ( I bought three) belt £1.50 Primark 2 year old, wool tights-  navy matalan, last year. Boots fly ( now these were expensive but in the sale and a present from my husband and I wear them loads I think about £65 but discounted about three times from something like£180 I love them, they are comfy and I will keep them forever ( I hope)

I think it looks better on.

It's a bit  difficult to take a photo of your self and I felt a bit silly.

I took the belt off the skirt that came with it that I usually wear, I think it looks better with the brown one. It did feel strangely like I had something new, just because it was different and it may seem obvious to wear things with lots of different things but we do get in a habit of wearing the same stuff or why would so many people complain of having nothing to wear when they have full wardrobes.  
I will try to post more different combinations but maybe not all with the dodgy self photo!
I have a purple and pink sarong thingy that a friend bought me years ago and has been never used, and when I say years I mean about 15! I love the fabric but it is sheer, It's folded in my fabric box I think I will try to make a belt or use it as a scarf with one of the purple layered looks I posted about the other day. I have another of the £2 primark sale cardigans in purple so I will see if it looks ok with that.
So anybody who thinks they need to cheer themselves up (by shopping because it's grey and January) you need to get stuff out of your wardrobe and have a try on session.


  1. I really liked your outfit and the way you put it together.
    You have given me good some ideas, thank you.
    I have just found your blog and am enjoying it very much.
    Pam in Texas.

    1. Thank you Pam. I think it's great that we can all share our ideas.


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