Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Charity shops getting expensive?

I don't know if anyone else feels that charity shops are getting more and more expensive but I have noticed the prices have become quite steep the last few months.  I would always want to support the work of charity shops and as well as benefiting the charity you are keeping clothes out of landfill when you use them. You also have the satisfaction of knowing you are not fuelling the cheap throw way fashion industry.  I am not preaching what anyone should buy I just know some people prefer to extend the life of their clothes.
I think the problem with the Charity shops increasing their prices is that it pushes people towards buying cheap imported clothing which may have dubious origins of manufacturing.  If people are going into a charity shop and they know they can get an item new from Primark for the same price of course most will do just that!

I think it is a real shame as they are affecting their business and probably turning people away who might have become lifelong customers, there is also the opportunity to find something a little bit different that may no longer be on sale elsewhere.  My mother in law works in such a shop and often tells me they check value of items against eBay now to make sure they get the best prices.  While I understand they need to make a profit as they have over heads same as any other store, they are not the same, they sell used items and I feel the prices should continue to reflect that fact.
The mail has an article about this here and although it is discussing an upmarket area I feel this is something that is perhaps happening everywhere. A look around the forums seems to show a trend for this topic.
I have mentioned before that some of my bargains have been bought from the charity shop sale, is this what is happening we have to wait for the charity shops to have a sale before their prices are reasonable.
When we are away on holiday in England I often browse a number of charity shops and I think the most  reasonable ones are the lesser known ones. I found a lovely wildlife rescue shop in Western Super-mare on a little side street and bought all sorts last year, my husband picked up some CD's, I got clothes, books and belts and I have to say the staff were really helpful. If that shop was in my town I would be a regular.  


  1. We have six charity shops in Liskeard and they are very reasonably priced in comparisons to others I have shopped in. The local town of Saltash also has good charity shops. However, many are becoming very over priced. I agree, it drives people to Primark.

    1. We need to get more people making, only one thing with that though, it drives up the price of fabric and craft supplies!

  2. I live in the North East and find charity shops are over-priced. I do a lot of patchwork and I used to buy men's shirts for cheap fabric but last time I looked a shirt cost about £5-£7 so I could probably find something cheaper in Primark! I know charity shops have their overheads but their staffs are mostly volunteers (some are students from the local academy) and the items they sell are donated to them! it reinforces my belief that charities are just turning into businesses with a capitalist mindset:to make as much money as possible!


    1. It is a shame they will create their own demise. x

  3. I have found that the well known charity shops where I live are becoming more and more expensive, Oxfam being one of the most expensive, which is such a shame as I like to support them. I can understand that they are trying to maximise their income, but if items remain unsold it defeats the object. As you say, people will shop at the cheap clothes shops instead.


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