Sunday, 27 April 2014

Baby dresses on Folksy

I have run up a few of the baby dresses this last few days same as the one I shared with you the other day.  I decided I would put them on Folksy just as it is more commonly known than my weebly shop but I may put them on there too another day. I bought some new cotton prints on Friday just fat quarters, to make a few of these dresses. (I also got a little carried away and bought black denim and Paul Smith shirting to line the jacket I will make with that but I will share that another day)
I have done five dresses and they are all 0-3 month age.

I thought I would just see how these go for now, but I would be happy to do boys clothing or Baptism gowns if there is a need. I have done communion gowns for a couple of girls before but obviously that usually needs people to be able to get to me for fittings etc.
I had a little go at photographing the dresses outside but it was windy and they kept blowing around (I had them on the line) 

I will have to be more inventive with my photographs I think.  Also I put them on the bench but then they were hung at a funny angle. 

 All this using the little digital camera! When you look at hints and tips for taking good photographs on the craft forums everyone has super expensive cameras! We do have a better camera so maybe I will have to get to grips with that, I also have a book on taking photos for craft selling, this one...
I have to admit that while I have read it I haven't put it to good use, there is always so much to do! While a lot of this stuff is necessary it all takes you away from the main thing that you love to do which is the sewing and creating.  Working full time does not leave as much time for learning all the stuff I would like to, marketing, photography, better blogging, design drawing, pattern making.... I could go on and on.  I will never understand people who are bored, I always have this feeling there are lots of things I want to learn and accomplish but there is never time as the day to day work and general house stuff gets in the way.   
I am going to start today I think and even if I only carve out a little time for myself I will try to learn a little about one of those areas I mentioned each day. You have to start somewhere right?

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