Friday, 23 August 2013

Holiday dress

Well I got on with it and I made up the dress this morning from the cotton jersey. It didn't take very long as I  have made a couple in this style before as they are really comfortable and I didn't need a pattern.  A used a dress that I know fits me well and is also made of a fabric with a bit of stretch, I place the dress on top and cut out allowing a good seam allowance with a little bit extra at the top to allow me to place darts.  I decided on a length then cut the skirt in two pieces with a slight circle shape to it.

Then I pinned in place where I would like my darts based on the other dress, and cut a facing piece for around the neck and one in interfacing, I also cut long strips of fabric to fold and bind around the arm holes.  I always try on half way through when everything is put together just to check the fit and in this case it needed no adjustments.  So I hemmed it and finished all the  binding and here it is.  You can't make out the colours very well but it has a purple and brown spot pattern, it may look good with a purple belt but I don't have one I will keep a look out for one but for now I will be wearing it as it is.

The other dresses I have done in this style I have done the skirt differently and cut out the skirt as one long rectangle and then added even pleats towards the centre front and back. This fabric felt more flowing and a lighter weight so I though it would work better just fitted to the waist and I think it does.

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