Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Recycled fabric and bags

I thought I would share with you some fabric that I picked up at the local St Luke's charity shop, it's always a good idea to have a look at the linens section in these shops because you can sometimes find a really good piece.  It is also a good idea for anyone just starting to sew as you get a lot of fabric to practice on for a small price.  If you want to make a mock up of a dress you could use a sheet, give it a very hot wash first and it saves you spoiling any special fabric you have bought. Alternatively you may love it and just want to dye it a different colour!  This fabric I bought is very busy and may not be to everyone's taste but I just loved the colours.

Now this fabric is a really good size 66 inch by 49 inch and for just £1! I'm not sure all the things I will make with it yet but it will definitely go into one of my bags, may be used in part of an outfit, more cushions, trims, I will post further ideas as I use it up.  There was an identical piece to this in the shop and they both had unpicking marks as if they were curtains with the tape removed, I left the other piece for some other lucky person to snap up.  
I mentioned it may go in a bag, well I always use up recycled materials in bags and here is a picture of some of mine, the bird and the city ones were made just this last few weeks and can be found in my Folksy shop.
As you can see I like denim and  I tell friends not to throw out old denim as it has so many uses and I use it in just about all bags even if just on the inside in place of bag interfacing, it works just as well to give strength and you are minimising waste. I also use recycled shirts quite often to line them.  You can just see my sewing machine making an appearance in this picture waiting for it's next mission.   I'm off to browse a craft book now I ordered from the library I will share it tomorrow.

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