Saturday, 9 November 2019

Autumn Makes

I have made a quick long sleeved t-shirt today, these are the things I tend to do in the colder months as my sewing area is very cold even with the heating on!  My sewing table is in a room off the kitchen that has a tiled floor and at this time of year that is not a good choice unless you have under floor heating and I don't.  I suggested putting a rug under the sewing table and my chair earlier but my husband said the table won't sit properly on it.  As the dogs have the run of that room when we are out replacing the flooring is not an option in case of accidents.

Anyway I will give you a peak of the t-shirt now, no pattern required just cut around an existing one and I am enjoying doing v-necks now so this is another V-neck.  The fabric was bought a few weeks ago at John Lewis, I got away with .80 of a metres just to save a few pounds.  I loved the soft feel of the jersey and the little stars so I thought I would just go ahead and treat myself.

The fabric was lovely to sew as well, I just did a double fold on the sleeves and hem and the neckline has bias binding. This is going to be the season of the long sleeved t-shirt for me, I love craft cotton prints but these are the clothes I wear so there will be more comfy jersey sewing going on.
I am also making tops a little longer to keep out the cold, tucked in or left out are versatile.

Another little make was a pumpkin pin cushion copied from Jo at Three Stories High she very kindly sent me the link at the bottom of my last post so I had a look and made one for myself.   I have to say I stabbed my fingers about four times trying to push the needle all the way through, there was a bit of cursing going on.  There are now some strategically placed pins covering the blood spots on the pumpkin.

To be honest I am not sure my version looks very pumpkin like but oh well it does the job.

There has been another bag created for my etsy shop, I popped that one on last week and also linked it to facebook.  That did give it an initial boost in views but they promptly went back down to just a few the next day.  I am trying all I can and reading all the tips, advice appreciated.

Earlier this week I finished The Salt Path, it was quite an emotional read so I now need something a bit uplifting to follow that up.  When I started the book I thought there was going to be more of a resolution for the couple and while they may have discovered a lot about themselves on this journey I am still astounded by the way they were wronged by a former friend.  If you have read this book you will understand what I am referring to, the idea that people can have their lives snatched from them in such a way is just too dreadful. 

As always book recommendations are welcome I always add your tips to my library reading list. That is all for now, I am off to find a film to watch on the T.V take care everyone. 


  1. Your pumpkin looks pretty fab from here. You do need a long needle to squish it into a pumpkin shape but it is a good tutorial. I did it at my sewing class and everyone enjoyed making them. Nice top too by the way. You did well with 0.8. Jo xxx

  2. Your t-shirt is gorgeous! I also wear long sleeved t-shirts at this time of year. I buy boys t-shirts as they are much longer than girls t-shirts. I love seeing the bags you make. Best, Jane x

  3. love that top,I'm never brave enough to try sewing jersey !

  4. This is a pretty top and you look fabulous! I placed a heavy wool rug from Ikea under my desk in my sewing corner. It has made such a big difference to the cosiness of the room. My table is pretty cheaply made but sits just fine on the rug. It might worthwhile trying it out in your sewing space.

  5. I do love your top. It looks very comfy and I prefer longer shirts as well. The pumpkin is cute, you can't see the blood stains at all! :) xx Susan

  6. Beautiful new creations here today. Love, love the new top & that pincushion is so sweet. Sorry I have been absent from commenting but have been away at my Mums & no internet down there.

  7. What a lovely top - economical, too. Amazing to get the length and long sleeves out of less than a metre.

    I recently enjoyed Devil’s Dice by Roz Watkins - a detective novel set in the Peak. You might like it.

    You asked what people might like to see in a post - I think, in addition to the topics you already cover, any posts with a bit of local Sheffield news would be interesting (I went to university there!). It is fascinating what goes on on different areas of the UK, and what preoccupies people.

  8. Your top looks great, I like the fabric.


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