Saturday, 10 March 2018

Sewing, Charity Shop Finds and Books

I know, I know I am supposed to be decluttering but seriously there is more going out than coming in at the moment and St Lukes had everything for a pound today so we had to have a look while passing.  So glad we did too because I found a smart little jacket and a monsoon skirt (the skirt is too long for me so I will shorten it) then my husband spotted a shirt he liked.  That was our spending done so we came home, we were only there because we had been to the opticians to make an appointment and passed the shop.
It has just been washed here and I am using the mannequin to hang it on as it dries so it retains a bit of shape then I will lightly iron it, but £1! brilliant I think and looks nice with jeans.

Everything has been has been washed and is ready for an iron, I just thought I would take the pictures before they are put away otherwise it wouldn't happen. The skirt is a better shade than in the picture it is darker in reality.

Really though some of the momentum at the start of the declutter has wavered so I need to get back on that, the idea being that I only bring in things I love and use occasionally (modest purchases)    but something needs to go out when that happens.  If I stick to that rule it should create some order and a habit I can stick to, in the  future adding good habits is something to work towards I think.  Is it just me or do we focus too much on trying to break bad habits rather than trying to acquire good ones?

Recently I mentioned I was reading the Essex Serpent, I really loved it.  There was a good assortment of characters and I really felt you got to know each of them, also the questions raised and the conversations between the Reverend and Cora the naturalist were fascinating.

It may not be for everyone but if you like historical fiction and books that focus on ideas and relationships between people this may be for you.  I will not go into it too much as I feel some stories are best left to unfold as they go.

Last week I read The Silent Companions, this was another good read but at the start I felt it was a bit silly.  It was just one of those you  just have to get into, maybe not on the same level as The Essex Serpent but entertaining, more the type of book to read curled up by a lamp while it's raining and just going dark.  A really interesting cover too, I know you can't judge a book and all that but I do enjoy good cover art. All of the books mentioned here are from the library so I have to admire them then return them.

Slightly spooky but not the kind of thing to give you nightmares, I really have no interest in reading anything that is going to unsettle you to the point of keeping you awake, do we really need that? With all the horror that goes on in the world and I want books that entertain, educate or lift my spirits, not scare me half to death!

At the moment I am reading The Ice by Laline Paul, it has an environmental edge too it, only just started this one so we will see how it goes.  There was another book picked up and discarded this week among my selection from the library, it was a crime thriller but I just knew after forty pages I didn't like the style of writing and reading for pleasure is not meant to be an endurance test so I put it down.  I will not say who it was by here as it may be someone's favourite author.

Yesterday I got a red top cut out and ready to sew, it is on the sewing table as I write this but I am undecided whether to leave it plain or add detail at the neck and maybe a pocket.

Writing this post is my thinking time (procrastination time?) I don't know but sometimes I feel if I add too much faff to a garment it spoils the look but then if I leave it too plain it will be just like any off the shelf top you could buy.  If you are like me you probably like your handmade items to look a bit different.

On a different theme we had some new visitors to the garden last week.
These fieldfare arrived on the front garden of my neighbour, stripped a bush of berries then flew around the back. Here they are perched on a hawthorn before disappearing again,  I had to get a book and look them up, my husband and I were in the window with a camera each trying to get a photo.  Sorry this was the best we could manage, but here below is an image from the internet of one close up.
So that's a bit of my week hope you are having a good one.

There are a few weird formatting issues going on above, sorry about that but no matter what I did I couldn't get it to line up properly on a few paragraphs!

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  1. I love a good charity shop find. You did well there. Jo x


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