Thursday, 18 January 2018

Sewing Ideas

This week is flying by so quickly but I have managed to get a few ideas together about some of the things I want to make this year, I have also got a blog post featured here at Minerva crafts , it is a dress I made just before Christmas and the date has really just come around so fast.   Here is a peak of the dress but to read the full post follow the link Minerva blog post.

So while these are ideas about what to make I will not be copying fabrics or every detail, it is nice to make things your own and that is the beauty of sewing.  As I am getting lots of wear out of my handmade t-shirts there will be more sewing along those lines with various sleeves and necklines.

I have a little collection of images from Pinterest here so be aware that is where these are from. First of all I could do with another pair of trousers, I don't wear them all that often but they are useful.  I like the straight fit of these...
I don't think I would put a cuff on the bottom though, also not sure whether wing it with this one or actually buy a pattern for once.

Then there are a few blouses with nice little touches I would like to imitate...

A bit of a tie theme going on there, I think the details just give them a bit more interest.  I haven't really made much in the way of cardigans or things to just slip on over tops so this is another item I want to add.  Either in a stable knit or heavy jersey depending what catches my eye.

I love the design on this one but I think it is burberry, I think I will be lucky if I find any fabric similar so if you spot anything let me know in the comments section. Then for the warmer months I would like to make a shirt dress or two, I have fabric at the moment that is waiting to be sewn into a shirt for a Minerva post. I would like to tweak that if there is enough, make it longer and that can be a dress instead.  The style on the one below is also lovely, I like the fabric tie front...
Of course there will be other things as time passes that I decide to make but this exercise  has just given me a bit of structure. There will be skirts to make of course one of which is on my waiting list ear marked for the zebra print I bought on birthday I may have to get on with that this weekend.

I have been keeping a notebook/diary this year, it is not pre- printed with dates I just write them down as I go.  Just day to day stuff so I can keep track, dates holiday booked, haircut, exercise and any items made. I am noticing it can be quite guilt inducing though if I have not done much that day it is there written down or not as the case may be!  I had a run of not missing online pilates workouts then I have just skipped two days, when I was writing down some reminders in it earlier I was tutting at myself for my lack of motivation.  It was supposed to be a positive thing so maybe I should give myself a break for the missed days. 

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  1. Hope you are enjoying your partnership with Minerva. They are a fantastically friendly family business. You dress looks lovely. Jo x


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