Saturday, 25 March 2017

Consume Less

There seems to be a lot of talk recently about how we are all going to notice rising prices etc. while at the same time airing shows that seem to promote over consumption.  I try and stick to buying things that mainly are a  need with a few wants here and there.  I certainly don't shop weekly for recreation as many people do as I don't see the point and it just creates a lot of waste which our planet certainly doesn't need any more of.

There was one show on a week ago which I couldn't watch because it was about spending less but then began the show by having two people show off about their over spending. No doubt about it that was exactly what was happening, the wife explaining she couldn't wear an outfit more than once because she would die, look at the hundreds of pounds worth of clothes in the wardrobe still with tags on, fake shock on her face. Oh it was just dreadful, I had to turn off and the sad thing is rather than being spurred on to save I think there would be some watching who might just want all that stuff.

Those kinds of show often offer alternatives to expensive treatments that are just a bit cheaper, or slightly less expensive clothing stores and so on when really they should be saying just stop!  Are you mad?  You don't need all that crap, you won't die if you are seen in the same outfit more than once but they won't do that because really they want us to keep the wheels turning.

Another thing I saw advertised was about the hotel business and the most demanding clients, those being the super rich.  In the add it stated the hotel rooms need to be repainted every three weeks, what? Why can't they just be cleaned thoroughly? It is possible to clean marks off walls without repainting all the time, can you imagine the excess pollution that is creating.  Hotels are already really bad for waste due to the constant need for clean towels and bedding, that much decorating is criminal.  Would the super rich implode if they had to stay in a room that wasn't newly refurbished? 
I have to say I wasn't inspired to watch the whole of that programme either there just seems to be a lot of celebration around being wasteful and proud of it, very sad.

I know a lot of people will disagree with my little poster above but I hope more are starting to seek alternative ways to spend their free time.

It is often the case that as we find new hobbies we are bombarded with ideas about items we should acquire to perfect these hobbies.  In fact any new activity you take up has probably been done by someone you know,  there could be equipment lurking in a friends garage or loft, ebay and Gumtree also have lots of used items so don't be dazzled by the shiny and new.  You can find lots of free instructions and videos shared by fellow bloggers and of course the library always has lots of information on everything.

So of you decide to get out there and do something new rather than wandering around a shopping mall don't use it as an excuse to go and buy all the kit.  I think there is a funny idea in all of us that we will do better at something if we are fully equipped with all the tools.  Sad  truth is owning the stuff doesn't make you great at something and wonderful things have been created with limited resources so it's the time, desire and the effort that makes the difference.

I have noticed the hilarious contrast in that there is currently an add saying shop now down the side bar. Ha! so much for related content.

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  1. Oh my, you are my virtual friend. After giving to comic relief on Friday and comforting my girl aged 9 who was so devastated by the footage I felt the same about the hotel program. It came on and I just thought bugger off, there are real people out there trying to do real things. We are not consumers either an neither are my children. We are makers and thinkers and that makes us one happy family. The flip side is that my girl aged 7 won't wear new shoes because she is so used to her sisters worn in ones and getting school shoes is such a trial. Jo x


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