Friday, 2 December 2016

This Week a Trip to the Ballet

This has been a nice week, starting to recover from the nagging cough and finally getting some energy back has helped. Earlier this week we went to see Snow White by the Vienna Festival Ballet I really enjoyed that, we don't go out much but we have seen this company five times now over the last three years and it is something I look forward to.   I have already got my tickets for the next one...

It is a small theatre so it is nice, a relaxing few hours in a busy week.

A bit of wonderful news is that my oldest son has secured himself a trainee I.T position, quite amusing was that he wasted no time in handing in his notice at his part time job, but it will be good to see him doing something he enjoys.  He also came home with these lovely flowers for me. Feeling very proud.

It has been a lovely feeling around school with all the children rehearsing for the play and getting excited about advent calendars.  Sometimes you just need to be around children to see everything in a better light I think. The grown ups I hear talking about stress and how they are not ready and are never going to be.  The children just want a bit of sparkle and fun, I don't think it has to cost a fortune to give them that, that meal we will all eat on the 25th doesn't have to be perfect, and to the grown ups out there do you all need to buy so much? Smile everyone and relax.

Speaking of buying I bought a piece of fabric last week for £4, it is red and black so that will be my Christmas day dress, or winter dress just when I decide what to do.  I am thinking usual skater style that I like to make but I want to add some detail somewhere.  That is my personal contribution to the consumer madness. Ha!
I have this in a blue that I made last year and it sews up really  nice.

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