Thursday, 27 October 2016

Another Little Make ( Make up Bag, Treat pouch)

I made this item last week but haven't shared it until now because I wanted to give it to my friend first. I have made a pouch like this before and I use mine as a make up bag but the one here I had in mind that she could keep cat treats in it and hang it up.  My dogs have some treats near the back door that I entice them in with when it's cold and they are keeping me standing in the doorway too long.  So that was my thinking, as I don't have a cat I don't know if this is a similar problem.

Here are the pieces cut out and pressed, I have had the ribbon for some time and did buy it with my friend in mind.  It is fully lined with satin so it can be used for make up if need be.

 The little bit of ribbon that I put on the zipper pully is from those tabs you get inside your clothes to keep them on the hanger, does anyone ever really use those?  I always take them out and save the bits of ribbon.

I hope it is useful for something anyway.  As a certain season is approaching which I shall not mention it might be an idea for gifts for some of you.  I know a lot of people are starting on their handmade gifts around now and some of you are already well on your way with them.

  If anyone has any ideas for what to make for men/boys that would be useful.  I would really like to make a shirt for my husband but I know if I spent ages on it and he never wore it I would be a bit peeved,  shirts are a lot of work.   My sons are older now but when they were younger I would make them dressing up  outfits and toys of characters, now teenagers all gifts involve some sort of wifi connection.

Having said that I did see this very useful idea on pinterest...

Now the amount of times I have to say have you got your keys this might be just the thing for both of them. To be honest though there is really never any worry about a teenager forgetting their phone.

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