Thursday, 31 December 2015

New Years Eve Dress

Looking back on my sewing from this year I see I haven't been as productive as I have previously. I did make a good start at the beginning of the year with fabric I had bought for my birthday but I didn't keep it up throughout the year.

One of the reasons for this being that I had decided I would not buy fabric out of habit, that I would try to recycle fabric and also that I had enough clothes.  I did make a couple of items that took a lot of time then got zero wear.  The black blouse I made here did not look great on, I did not like the short style or the fabric I chose but sometimes this just happens!

 I have noticed some gaps in my wardrobe mainly being tops to go with jeans that I wear a lot, I will be making more of these in the new year and I nearly started one today but the fabric I had was a large piece so needed to be a dress really.

I have made many of the same style of dress because I like to get use out of what I make.  There is a reason we buy or make much of the same stuff and that is usually because we know what suits us. Sometimes going for something just for a change means it sits unworn in our wardrobe.

Now although I made this today it is not actually for New Year to wear as we wont be going out. We don't usually go out as it's not something we do anyway but it will get worn during the day and can be layered.

I used an existing dress to get an idea of size, measured shoulder to elbow for the sleeve length, tried on as I sewed etc.

I always find it is so much quicker without a pattern, even with the trying on.  The skirt is a wide rectangle with seams at each side which I pleat into the bodice by pinning first.

When I have stitched the shoulder and side seams of the bodice I always try on and pin where the darts will go.

I have got lots of bits of fabric that are not quite big enough to make clothes and also quite a lot of my husbands shirts which are no longer fit for wear but have some good usable fabric on them so I may be attempting  more patchwork in future.  I have done a little on cushion covers but I have seen some amazing designs so I might try something new rather than just making it up as I go.
 I hope you all have a good new year.


  1. Wishing you a happy new year, too! Your dress looks lovely. I with I had your confidence and competence, I am sewing with pattern only. I have made a top I don't wear so often and a dress that I really don't like. It is sometimes not easy to decide if a particular style suits or not until it is too late. I am taking a fitting masterclass this year to learn how to make garments fit my body better.

  2. That sounds great I'm sure you will learn loads. It is tricky sometimes when making things to judge, if you go in a shop you try things on and if you don't like them you don't buy. If you are making it you have invested lots of time before you see you don't like it. You made a fabulous job of the duffel coat and I look forward to seeing what you do next. xx


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