Saturday, 11 July 2015

Prom Dress Alterations and Watching those Savings

This week I was asked to alter a prom dress ready for next week so I thought I would share that.  It was too long for the girl and she preferred it just below the knee, I was also asked to make a strap for the right shoulder as it only had one on one side and she didn't feel secure in it.
 Here it is...
Now there was quite a bit taken off the bottom but there is no point keeping something at a length you don't like. I always think it's best to make something suit the way you wear things.  Also floor length dresses are very dressed up,  it's a good idea  making it this length  as it means she will be able to wear it for lots of different occasions and not just once.
The shoulder strap that I made is sewn on the inside by hand so if she later decides she wants it just on one shoulder I can unpick that and there won't be any marks. 

There are lots of bargains to be had on dresses I think if you know someone that can alter them for you. 
Things are never exactly the right length, fit or style, but a few changes can make them perfect.  I hope that by sharing this some of you are encouraged to try to altering a few of your own clothes.  If you never wear them as they are what have you got to lose?
I hope the owner of this garment has a lovely day and gets lots more use out of her pretty dress. 

Right I have a little rant now just because it is not the first time it has happened and I want you all to be vigilant!  I just popped out to the tesco to get my boys a couple of pizza's and a few bits we needed but not enough to go and do a big shop. I rushed in, saw these pizza's on 2 for £4, got my soya milk, a reduced salad, some wine and a couple of other bits, back in the car and home.  I was just putting stuff away and the pizza was already in the oven when I went to throw the receipt in the bin, it said 3 pizza!!! I thought what! I only bought those as they were 2 for £4 and now I've paid for 3.  It is not far so I asked  the oldest to watch the oven as I was off to get my money back. (he is 16, it's ok) 
When I got there I made sure I got the same lady (young woman)  she said 'Oh yeah, I charged you too much I'll get someone as I don't know how to pay it back'.
Now it may seem ridiculous going back out for £2.66 but this is not the first time it has happened, and to be honest it makes me wonder how often we are robbed and just don't notice. A lot of what we pay comes straight off our debit cards and we are often in a rush so we don't stand and check before leaving the store.
If you only have a couple of items you would probably see it but if you have a basket or trolley full and there is a big queue behind you and you are on your way home from work, do you stop and check?  I bet you don't.    So I am asking everyone to check their receipts this week and if it is wrong go back in and get your money!   
In a lot of cases like this one it could be human error and of course we all make mistakes but there is also the issue of special deals.  Now this has happened to us a couple of times so I am wise to this now, but you see an offer that is two for one, or a wine that is usually £6 but now £3.99 so you get that one instead of what you would normally buy.  At the till you have a heap of shopping, the store is busy and the cashier is throwing stuff at you, you get home and see the offer price did not come off and you paid full price.  The store is miles away and factoring in time and fuel you decide that it is not worth going back.  Thousands of people must be thinking this a day and the big businesses must be making a fortune by accidentally not updating the systems with the offer prices. Now I ask you if they are making so much money this way is it an accident??  For the few people like me that notice (in asda) and then have to go to customer services to get a refund ( which is doubled if you have it on a gift card!) they can afford to do this for all the people who go  home and don't bother to make a fuss.
This week everyone make a fuss, it is your money.  You wouldn't let someone just dip their hand in your purse so why ignore the supermarkets  mistakes.  That few pound  that  you think  is not worth the fuss get it back anyway and donate it to a good cause if you think you don't need it.  Rant over.

 Oh OK here is another rant.  Today also saw the return of Network rail to destroy some more nature behind my house, bizarrely just as I am typing the chainsaws are fired up again!!!  They have taken down another beautiful tree outside my neighbours house, she was so upset she couldn't watch, it also had beautiful pink roses growing up it.
This one directly behind the garage is now gone completely, you can just see the top of the work man's head in the photo. They are currently at it again chopping down more.  I always thought trees acted as a natural buffer against noise from the railway, also they are the lungs of the earth. It is just so sad.

On a calmer not here is one of the books I have been reading this week...

I started it as he was one of the contributors to a book I read last week, the power of silence.  It is so interesting and makes so much sense. The author is a Franciscan priest and gives such a wonderful insight into growing older and growing into yourself.  It makes you appreciate your experiences more as they really do grow you as a person.  It also says the second stage of life cannot be rushed and we all reach it at different ages due to our life experiences.  A really inspirational read. 

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  1. Such an interesting post and a lot to consider.
    Thank you.
    Pam in Texas. xx


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