Sunday, 28 June 2015

Alterations, Books and Silence

  This week I had to alter a ball gown for a friend, it was very long and bias cut. Those of you that sew know that this is not great if you trying to make alterations as the fabric develops a mind of its own.  It needed shortening by about 9 inches, taking in under the arms and the straps shortening.
The first job I did was the hem and I decided to overlock this so that the slight curve in the bias fabric was not lost. Turning up a hem on this would not have worked plus my friend goes dancing and this looked much better to twirl in!
Now whenever I am making a dress I avoid bias cut patterns I made one years ago and have altered a few and they just annoy me really.  I like to sew for pleasure and bias cut does nothing for my well being. (I'm just saying!)

I also had to sew on some of the roses as they were coming loose around the top. My friend got this dress from a charity shop as she wears lots of dresses to various dance events.

This week has also involved lots of reading, I like to read and often have a few books on the go that may sound strange but you don't always fancy reading the same thing do you?  I am re-reading a motivational book by Tony Robbins which I already had, I don't agree with everything in there but there is lots of good advice  eg 'its up to you to make things happen' I like that.  I have also read three library books...
This one I read in one sitting, a quick read, mildly entertaining but also a bit contradictory in places.

Now this one I enjoyed, it describes how silence is used across the religions with varying success, how we live in a state of constant noise pollution and have forgotten how to just sit in silence and enjoy.  I have recommended it to others and have ordered another book of a similar nature.

This was another great one, lots of clear examples and I love that all of the models used were over 40 many of them into 60's and beyond.  Also has exercises for people with joint replacements or medical conditions, so something for everyone.  I think often older people are put off by the young models in the book as they think they can't do that. This is a great example that you can.

So all of those completed and I'm now reading a book by Seth Godin after listening to an interesting Podcast by him last week.  You can find it here at farnoosh.  More on the book later.


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