Sunday, 30 November 2014

Birthday Treats and York Christmas Market

We have had a busy week around here, it didn't start too well either with two children sick but it picked up towards the end. We had tickets booked to see the Nut Cracker Ballet for my birthday luckily everyone was on the mend by then so we could still go.
We went to the Penistone Paramount and it's the first time I've been there, it was lovely and like stepping back in time (in a good way).  The lady still comes out at the interval with ice creams in the box hung around her neck like they used to at the cinema when I was little.
It has been there 100 years this year so it is lovely that it still used by the community.

The company that did the performance were the Vienna Ballet and they are coming back in March.  When we got home my husband booked tickets for us to go again so he must have enjoyed it.
This is the one we are to see in March.

Yesterday we visited York, this was my idea thinking it would be lovely to see the Christmas Market and have a wander around.  My husband said it would be packed, he was right!  I only got a peak in a couple of the little Christmas stall huts as it was so crowded it made me feel ill.  We managed to get out of the thick of it and walk around the streets where the usual shops are but it was still hectic. 

Still it was lovely to get out, the lights were on later and there were some street musicians playing.  My son said he doesn't ever want to go there on a Saturday again, I agree!  I came home with my birthday money intact, just paid for parking and lunch.  
Which leads me to my wonderful birthday present from my husband that I wasn't expecting. I  have complained that my mannequin is a bit bigger than me but would not have bought a proper adjustable dummy. Look here...
I was very excited when I opened it. It has a  hem guide and a place for your pins at the neck.

Continuing with the sewing theme my lovely friend got me these cute sewing storage tins complete with accessories inside.
Thank you buddy. you know me so well.

Also on order is a book (you guessed it, on sewing) called Basic Black, it has patterns and different shapes to tailor and customise .  I will take photos and share more on that when it arrives later in the week. All in all quite an extravagant week but all planned for well in advance. Any purchases were made from  gifts from my parents with the strict instructions it was to go on me and not into my purse for food shopping!

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  1. Happy belated birthday! What a great present, looking forward to seeing all the things you will be making using it.


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