Sunday, 5 April 2015

Gluten Free Bread (First try!)

Yesterday I had a go at making some gluten free bread. I've had the flour in the cupboard for a few weeks but not got around to trying it because, well the pastry I made was a disaster, the pizza base was chewy and odd, then last week I bought some ready made gluten free pastry from the frozen section and that was horrible too!  So needless to say I was not feeling very inspired to try any more gluten free baking, then yesterday I thought well I have the bread flour now so I may as well give it a go.
The recipe was on the back of the Dove Farm packet and I just stuck to that, lots of people had said that it comes out ok. A few suggested extra xantham gum, but have you seen what that stuff is?? It is not something I want to consume more of if I can help it.

As you can see it didn't rise very much but apparently that is usual for this type of flour. I think it looks more like madera cake but that doesn't matter because it tastes nice, and the best bit is there is a lovely crust all the way around. There is no picture before I cut it as I forgot and one tip was to slice while still warm so I did that then realized I had not taken a photo.  I had some straight away with jam then froze the rest.
I didn't expect it to come out like a regular loaf I just wanted something I could maybe toast to put eggs on, or have with soup. I am happy with that, it probably still cost about £1 to make as the flour is so expensive but that is better than the £3 they charge for a gluten free loaf and they are so tiny!  This one was done in 2lb tin it just isn't very tall.

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