Monday, 28 April 2014

Maxi Dress to Desigual Style

I refashioned my charity shop buy from last week yesterday, I had been looking at it and thought the only way it was going to resemble what I wanted was if I took quite a bit away with the scissors and gave it a proper shape.
Here it is when I had removed the brown beaded central panel and tie belt.
I cut quite a big section of the bottom then I decided this wasn't going to work that way so I also removed the section under the bust.
I then made a panel with double thickness of the fabric to make a fitted waist section. I had to cut the bodice up the sides also to make it fit. ( I measured myself first.)
 I pinned the section to the upper body
I then spaced the skirt fabric out evenly to make pleats which are all facing the centre, I wanted pleats and not gathers so it would have more structure.
I  replaced the belt loops in the new position and added a purple ribbon  that I bought for this purpose.
(trying photos outside for  a change. Ha!)
One more inside just to be sure
£6.50 from St Lukes Charity shop better than £119 Desigual below I think
Yes it's not the same I know, but the fabric and style is what I was aiming for, plus unless some one has the same original dress and decides to chop it up in exactly the same way as me, mine is a one off.  ( Although you are free to copy away if you want!)


  1. Wow what a transformation! Once I've got through some of my piles of unfinished projects I will be attempting to refashion some clothes. Not sure if my dressmaking skills are up to it, but will give it a go.

  2. You have nothing to lose, and once you start there will be no stopping you. x


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