Saturday, 23 June 2018

Winging it Again!

Today I wanted to start the Palazzo trousers from Sew Magazine so I went onto the site, found I had to register, did that then went to the page where the trousers were.  Well I clicked download the pattern and it is 47 pages, I was already wondering whether I wanted to print out 47 pages when I realized it was taking ages.  I had been sat there a good while when it was only on page 7, that was point when I thought I can't be bothered with this because it was already feeling like a waste of time.

At that point I went upstairs and grabbed a pair of cotton trousers that I already own, they are not wide leg but as I was unsure if that style would suit me I have copied the pair I know I like.  They have little gathers at the ankle and I may incorporate that too.  I had them cut out quite quickly with the other pair I would still have been sat going grey waiting for it to download!

Here it is my unconventional way of doing things but I don't care I do it for me. This is not meant to be a tailored trouser so I feel the throw it on and hope for the best way will work with these.
They are mostly made up and the waistband is partly on, I had to stop as I have a stiff neck so I will continue with these tomorrow.  I had enough fabric to cut out a top too and also a tie belt, the intention being that if I wear it altogether it will look like a jumpsuit.

Here we are so far, the waistband on my other trousers is flat at the front so I have done the same here then the elastic comes around and just past the sides, that is why you can see a pin either side.  It is stitched down but it is the back of the waistband where it meets the flat part that I was just keeping in line. I have left off pockets because I won't use them so why bother making them, it is a light fabric so putting things in the pockets would completely spoil the look.

 I love the colour I am just hoping it all looks like I picture it in my head.  We will see, I hope to have it all finished tomorrow.

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