Saturday, 30 September 2017

First Autumn Top, Black Spotty Jersey

Today I got on with making up my black jersey fabric first thing this morning, I had a few ideas sketched on my notebook but changed my mind at the last minute.  My other ideas will be used for future fabric.  I decided to do a keyhole style neck but slightly gathered into it, the reason for this is that I have a couple of t-shirts that I have had for years and I like the style.

No messing I just cut around an existing t-shirt but made it longer with a curved hem front and back.
The sleeves are full length but I like to have them pushed up, I don't like three quarter ones as you lose them up your arms when you put a jacket on.

I decided to wear it straight away, why not? Quite often I make things then they sit in the wardrobe waiting for an occasion so I am making more of the things I will wear.

I used just a meter of fabric for this top and I will be making more as it is just so comfy, I need to have a look what other styles I can get.  The fabric has quite  lot of bounce which usually really annoys me while I am sewing but today I must have been quite chilled as I got on ok.  The nature of it actually really makes the top.
I just cut a normal scoop neck then made a slit down the centre.

I cut two small pieces to be the placket.

I hand stitched each side just a little to gather it then pinned the small pieces on top ready to machine over, then turned them through to the wrong side once machine stitched.  I used binding around the neck to make it a bit more secure with less movement.

The sleeves are just hemmed at the bottom with a double fold, the hem at the bottom of the top is zigzag stitched then single hem, I didn't bother overlocking any of the seams as the fabric does not appear to fray or unravel in any way.

My overlocker doesn't get that much use these days, there may be some things that I think I will just finish off on it but that is all.  So anybody who is new to sewing don't be put off by thinking you need one as they are quite pricey, I know lots of people swear by them and you do get that professional edge but really it's on the inside mostly.  If you are just sewing for yourself you can zig zag the seams, neatly trim with a good pair of scissors and you will use far less thread!

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Catch up and Autumn Fabric

This last few weeks have gone by so quickly I only just noticed it has been so long since I posted anything!  The greenhouse is coming along nicely, it has had its first coat of stain and we need to order the glass so not long now.  I am saving all the images of the process until it is complete then I will share.

I have bought some fabric, both pieces are black so will see me through Autumn/Winter here they are...
The spotty fabric is a jersey and the one with the birds is a chiffon but a bit thicker than usual.
I must make them up this weekend as all I have been doing this few weeks is the odd alteration for other people and making some chinos into to shorts for my oldest son.  An odd time of year to do this I know but he has just been on  holiday abroad without us, he went with two friends and is back now safe and well.  He is all grown up but we still worry don't we?

There are quite a few things saved on my make it list on pinterest including little felt birds so that may be something I can do on the sofa, with  the darker nights coming and I feel like I need a few projects that can be accomplished by hand rather than at the sewing machine all the time.  With the fabric above I have in mind something like this...
I also really like this below but would need to source some non itchy lace for a large area of sleeve.
The above image is from the next website, I could always copy the style and shape but do it all in one fabric?  This is what takes me a long time, making up my mind, the sewing never takes that long.  I know lots of people have in mind what they want to make, go out and buy the fabric and that is it sorted.  I tend to go to the fabric shop or look online, browse for ages then buy whatever grabs my attention and isn't too expensive and then wonder what to do with it.  The problem with this is I sometimes don't have enough fabric when inspiration strikes.

We have been watching more Walter presents dramas recently, Eye Witness was very good, as was Acquitted and we are currently watching Black Lake.  The Scandinavian dramas seem to be my favourite right now and very well done.  Right I'm off to cut out some fabric and see where it leads. 

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