Saturday, 8 April 2017

Summer Blouse

Yesterday I finished my blouse, that is the first seasonal garment completed and it wasn't rushed.  The fabric was bought months ago and I didn't rush into what I wanted to do with it although I did have a top in mind when I bought it.  For quite a few years I used to buy fabric and launch into cutting it as soon as I got it home.  I don't buy as much fabric anymore and I try to be more considered about it, after all it's not going any where.

Here is the completed garment...

The buttons were recycled from an old shirt of my husband's.

I did pleats at the shoulder and elastic in the sleeve, I'm happy with this and can see I will repeat this style.

The collar is completely a feature and not intended to meet  at the front.

The blouse was tried on a few times to check the fit, I would always recommend this as you may have your mannequin set to your measurements but there is no real substitute for your body. 

We have been and had a bit of lunch out today (early bird menu) beautiful blue sky, warm breeze and short sleeves.  How completely transformed the day feels when the sun is shining, I know you shouldn't let the weather dictate your mood but it really does lift the spirits.    Let's hope the next few weeks bring more of the same.

This morning my husband tried on one of his shirts and split the sleeve, he says it is a bit tight when he moves his arms. I have a plan for it as it is a good shirt, I will share later in the week.

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