Sunday, 2 April 2017

Spring Sewing for Me

Today I have made  start on a new shirt for myself, I have had the fabric for a few months but had no desire to start it until now as it is light summery cotton. Also the dark months seemed to rob me of all get up and go this last season so I am only now getting back to wanting to get lots done, make plans, have ideas and so on.  Has anyone else felt like that?

Despite the fact that have been plodding on getting bits of alterations done for others and of course the caravan seating project there hasn't really been any sewing for myself.  It is also a delicate balance in that I don't buy fabric very often, I try to mainly recycle and not get sucked into the mindset of needing more.  With all this in mind I will be taking care with item as it is new fabric, and hopefully it will look good on when complete. 

This is the fabric, the little elephants caught my eye.

As everyone who sews will know sometimes you love a fabric and a design but once it is complete it just does nothing for you and unlike a bought item you can't return it.   Fortunately this doesn't happen that often and I do try to have gratitude for all the projects that turn out well and accept that some were just not meant to be.

On a thrifty note I didn't need to buy any notions when I bought the fabric as it is white so I already have the cotton in plentiful supply.  I also keep any small buttons off shirts when my husband has finished with them so there are plenty of those around and  there is just enough facing in my sewing box for the front and collar.

I am using a blouse that I own already as I like the fact that it is small and neat,  the collar only comes to the sides as the neck forms a sort of v.  I just lay it down and work around it.

I have cut these pieces slightly longer as this blouse is quite short in the body.

I'm going to mark these onto paper so I don't have to mess about with the blouse again a different day.

This is where I'm up to, I am not going to rush to finish it today as there are lots of other things I also need to get done and I want to enjoy the process not just rush to the finish.  That is me sometimes with sewing, hurrying to get it all done in one sitting.

Recently it does appear that I have posted more about food, since I turned vegan from vegetarian I have been much more aware of what I am eating and this will be reflected in my posts as food and cooking are on my mind.  I always tried to eat healthy as a vegetarian but I feel that now I am more aware of making sure I eat a good balance. It does mean that I sometimes think people may land on a page and think isn't this a sewing blog?  While that was my intention when I started it and the majority of my posts are about sewing I feel that these days it reflects the interests of a  crafter/maker. I hope that doesn't disappoint.  There are also I find pockets of sewing activity in my life where I seem to do lots over a couple of weeks and then more of a dry spell as in recent months. 

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