Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Recycled Photo Frame

A while ago I bought this small photo frame from the charity shop for a pound.  It has been sitting around my sewing table for some time and last week I remembered this little quote I had written in my diary.  I can't remember where I got it from I think it may have been pinterest, anyway some playing around with lettering and this is what I did...
I wrote it on the green paper from the inside of a card, it will sit on my table to remind me of these things.

Things I am enjoying this week...

Free exercise,  I have been doing some every night using the internet, there are lots videos you can watch for every ability.  I am doing something every day for 30 days then I will see if I can keep it up after that.   

The Last Kindom, really good I think and there is not a great deal I am interested in on the TV at the moment. 

Light evenings, what a difference it makes to have  more daylight.  I can take the dogs for an evening walk and see where I am going, sometimes even  without a jacket. (Oh little things)

The book 'The Whole Wide Beauty by Emily Woof, I just picked up three books from the library this week without spending too much time pondering and it seems to have paid off.  More on this when I finish it but so far so good.

Singing in the car on the way to work, I'm sure I look silly sometimes but who cares.

( This post has been edited  with regards to exercise, I don't want to encourage anyone to take up exercise that may conflict with their faith.)

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