Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Caravan Upholstery Update

Just recently I made over the caravan seats for a colleague of my husband and I shared the images of the finished cushions.  Well things always look better in the correct location and the owner of the caravan has very kindly sent me the images to share.  I have to say looking at the cute little caravan has got me a bit nostalgic for ours that we sold.  These particular caravans are called Freedom Sunseekers and they are small and light with a pop up roof, they are so light they can be towed by smaller cars.  This was always something we looked at when we had a caravan as you don't want to be driving a large fuel guzzling car all year just so you can tow the caravan a couple of times a year.   We always looked at the weight first.  Anyway here are some images...

Here is the sleeping area at one end, I love the fairy lights over the bed.  The curtains are blackout lined.

Seating at the other side where you can eat.  My boys used to sit and play games at that end of the van when we had ours. 

It looks nice and modern inside.

There is just one side that she doesn't have foam for and I have saved one bit of the fabric for when she wants that one doing. This pattern of fabric is very wasteful for matching so while the curtains line up and match and the seat back and base it was tricky for the sides without wasting too much.  The piece saved is big enough for another box cushion and I know it was expensive so I didn't want to waste any of it.

We are hoping that in the future we will buy a motorhome, when we retire we are thinking it will be easier to travel with dogs and quicker to set up, stop off and see more places.  We are saving for that time and I know there are lots of beautiful places in the UK that we have yet to see and explore.

Thank you to the lovely owner of this sweet caravan for sharing with us.

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