Monday, 13 February 2017

Random thoughts

Well  after taking another photograph straight after work today I have decided I will have to start and stop on places on my way home or all my pictures will be in the same area. That said it is half term next week so I can get out in the day to take daylight pictures so that will be better.  I do quite like a bare tree though, there is something beautiful and earie about them.  So here is todays picture I am not going to title them as I can never think what to title my posts.

I have just started reading  After You by Jojo Moyes which is the sequel to Me Before You.  I have got through a few books this last few months and I have started a little journal to document what I have read as I often forget over time what an author was called unless I have  read a few by the same person.  This can be annoying and also as I have a lot from the library so it is good to look back on, I will share more on this tomorrow.

At the weekend I had a disastrous attempt at puff vegan GF pastry, well I say disastrous but I ate half of it so it can't have been that bad but it wasn't mouth watering soft puff pastry either!  I adapted a recipe I saw and I thought it was all going really well as I rolled it between the plastic sandwich bags and it didn't fall apart.  It also didn't rise or go golden and was quite firm, shame as I was so looking forward to it.  I just added my fancy garlic mushroom and nut filling and ate it anyway. Gluten free flour Grrrr.

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  1. Gluten free vegan pasty sounds challenging! A good pastry is difficult enough to make with traditional pastry ingredients, I can't imagine I'd to a great job with a gluten free vegan variety. It must have still been tasty since you ate half of it. I use Goodreads to help me remember what I have read, it is quite a useful site.


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