Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Books and Keeping Track

At the end of the summer last year I began keeping a record of the books I read on the computer, I originally did this on good reads but after forgetting  a password last year and not being able to access my own record until I reset it I thought just who am I doing this for?  As it was for me I started a folder on the computer but then decided I wanted a paper version.  Now this may be to do with my love of books that I need an actual book to record them in, I don't know but I prefer it.

So I just bought a journal from ASDA, quite cheap and still kept up with the  file on my laptop but when I fill a page I print it and stick the entries in. I get a lot of books from the library and some I buy, the ones on my shelf are there as a reminder but the borrowed ones are not so this is a good prompt if I want to remember an author.

I just make a few notes for me, I can look back and think about whether a new release by a particular author is worth a look or not.  I am not aiming to write a detailed review just something to jog my memory.

Today after work I stopped off to take a picture, I didn't get the one I really wanted as there wasn't anywhere to pull over in rush hour safely.  I did get one though, here is todays picture.

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