Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Quick Vegan Dinner

Well I arrived home from work with a sore throat which is a bit rubbish as I've had an awful cough for two weeks that is just going. While there are lots of things I could be getting done the only practical thing I felt up to was making the dinner then crashing on the sofa with a book.
So the meat eaters of the house had a stew, chop it all and pop it in the oven style.  I had a look in the fridge and came up with this...
It hasn't really got a name but tasted lovely and very soothing.

I put baked potatoes in the microwave for  five minutes each, then rolled them in olive oil, sprinkled with salt and put them in the oven. Then in a pan with a little more oil I added about eight mushrooms, half a pack of marinated tofu and some garlic salt then fried for a few minutes. Next I added about a quarter of a carton of chopped tomatoes with garlic and a handful of chopped spinach, finally a good sprinkle of Italian seasoning.  This was allowed to cook for about ten minutes then poured over the cooked potato. 

It was really just a case of grabbing what was available in the fridge and making something warming and quick, and it was. 

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