Thursday, 10 November 2016

Grey Winter Skirt, Making a Start

I cut out my grey skirt today from the remnant I bought for £2, it was a bit of a decision what to do as there was only a small amount of fabric but I think I can still incorporate some of my ideas from my little plan the other day.  I have opted for just one large pleat in the centre front and back, a dropped yoke so that the pleat doesn't fall from the waistband and a placket pocket but I am undecided on the placement of this as yet.

Here I cut it out as wide as I needed judging by a skirt I have previously made. Then I folded it in  half and did an equal pleat in to the centre (which I notched).

I cut the yoke also based on my own skirt measurements, the waistband and a small piece for a pocket placket.

Now I placed them on the table as they should go but I'm not sure if that is where I want the pocket I may put it at an angle.  I then cut a straight lining, no messing about with pleats on this although I have done on linings in the past I don't know why.   I had to stop there as my friend was visiting shortly so I will continue tomorrow. I am finding I much prefer working in the natural light at this time of year, it is such a pain it getting dark so early and my eyes don't thank me for squinting in artificial light. 

I have also just found another fabulous idea for a dress in a tweed style fabric which I would like to make but I will share another day.  All that is needed is an event to wear it to.


  1. I am looking forward to seeing the finished skirt! x

  2. Looks really nice. I can't sew at night either! Jo x


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