Thursday, 3 November 2016

Coasters from Recycled Fabric (Handmade Gift Idea)

There never seems to be enough coasters around the house here, I like a cup of tea but I don't like putting a hot cup down on my furniture without a coaster to protect it, I often wander upstairs with a drink in my hand then have to pop it down on a book or something, not good.  Another little problem is I have lost a few due to my youngest dog thinking it is a fun game to snatch them off low tables and nibble the edges.  As a result I am a few short, however I have plenty of fabric so I thought I would make a few more.

Not sure it was a good idea to make binding from stretch denim, it is so thick I had to leave some edges hanging over then hand stitch as there was no way it could be turned under or mitred, rather more rustic looking.  So stick to nice thin cotton for that.

I am sure everyone needs these, the hard ones wear out eventually and can sometimes cost a lot for what they are.  Fabric ones can be washed, they use up those odd bits of fabric and they are quite quick and easy to make.  This also  got me thinking they would be quite nice to put in a little gift hamper for a tea loving friend, a nice cup, some coasters, good tea and some nice biscuits.  If these were presented carefully in a covered box it would be better than the overpriced hamper style gifts that will be hitting the shops soon.

First of all you can use a regular coaster that you have already to cut your squares of fabric to size, I am going to bind these around the edges so cut exactly the size you want.  I am doing three layers, one is denim, but it depends on the thickness of your fabric.

I tried to get the image from my fabric in the middle.

I used one layer of denim, two of cotton twill.

To make the binding I cut the strips as long as I needed, folded the edges towards the centre and pressed.
Then I folded it over but leave it hanging over a bit on the underside so that you have more chance of catching it when you sew.

I have two more to sew the binding on but I will be using a thinner cotton to bind those. You could make them dinner mat size with larger pieces of fabric if you wish.

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