Monday, 7 November 2016

Carrot and Cranberry Energy Bites (Vegan/Gluten free)

Occasionally I fancy something sweet, not as often as I used before I stopped eating gluten but every now and then I fancy something like that.  About a month ago I made the carrot bites from the cook book Keep it Vegan, and these are a variation on that. In fact I would imagine you could come up with all kinds of variations on these by just adding your favourite fruits, nuts and flavourings, keeping them all natural of course.

These are on a tray but they are not going in the oven as they are raw, just pop them in the fridge to set then keep in a container.

200g pecans
50g cashews
50g cranberries
100g dates
1 carrot grated
zest of 1/2 orange
1/2 teaspoon mixed spice
40g desiccated coconut

Place all the ingredients except the coconut in a blender and blitz, I like to chop my dates a little first as my blender is not that powerful.  Shape  into balls in your hands, about 12 of a good bite size then roll in the coconut, place on a tray and leave to set in the fridge.  If you have ever bought those expensive naked bars you will never do so again if you make these they are much better value.

They go down well with a cup of tea at work and are just enough to keep you going until lunch, so much better than a starchy biscuit.   If you are interested the book I adapted this from it is 'Keep it Vegan' as mentioned above by Aine Carlin.

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