Monday, 31 October 2016

Autumn Reading and a Book Challenge

Today I thought I would share what I have been reading this last week or so and also a blog I found which features some interesting reading challenges.  The blog can be found here . It is called purple ink studios and the challenge I like is below, it began in January so I'm very late starting but after looking down the list I've read most of the categories through the year anyway so it is just a case of filling in the blanks. I have put a mark beside the book genres/themes that I have read and I will aim to read a selection from the ones that are left over the next two months.

copied from Purple Ink Studios
Now I am not sure what to do about a book you were supposed to read in school but didn't as I always read what I was supposed to, along with a load of rubbish as well as a teenager. Covering the classics I bought a couple from the charity shop at three for a fiver.

I am currently reading Madame Bovary, Tess of the D'Urbervilles I read years ago but thought I would read it again in the coming months. 

I picked this one up because I enjoyed A country doctor's notebook, and also the TV adaption of it.

This past week I also read Outwitting the Devil which has only just been published a few years ago despite being written many years before, apparently due to family fears of what the church would make of it.  It is really just Napolean Hill's idea of what a conversation of this sort might be like and also his own ideas about what faith is and what an irrational thing fear is and how it can control and hold us back.  Some bits were interesting, others were repetitive and pompous and depending on your viewpoint quite in contrast to many ideas on faith whatever your religion.

I suppose this could be my banned book as he was never permitted to publish it while he was alive.  So I have a few ideas there of what I can be reading over the next few moths it is good to curl up with a book, and I especially like to discover new favourites and new ideas.

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