Wednesday, 30 March 2016

March Patchwork, Maple Leaf Cushion

This last month I have looked at so many images on pinterest trying to decide what to have a go at for this months patchwork.  As I have mentioned for me this is all about trying out different designs in  addition to my clothes making.  I don't intend on having a house full of quilts although I do intend to make one later in the year when I have decided on a favourite design. 

So after much searching I saw some fabulous images of the Maple Leaf design, all of which were in quilts but I thought I would have a go at a few for my cushion cover collection. (You can never have too many for when some are in the wash!)

Here is my cushion, followed by what I did.

Now I didn't see any precise instructions although there are probably some out there, I just zoomed in on an image and then had a play around with a bit of paper folded into 25 small squares. Funny that is the same way I worked out the placings for the windmill pattern, is that the magic number for a block? I really need to get a book from the library on this but in the meantime it is fun to just figure it out for myself.
I am sure there is an easier way but I sat and drew it on some paper, one to refer to and one to cut up.
Now mine weren't very big as I was not making a quilt so this also added the problem of how small I was going to be working with lots of tiny overlapping seams. What I decided to do here was cut the pieces as the size they would be and then applique them on with a small zig-zag  stitch.
Here a few test runs and I would say be careful what you use for the backing as this shirting had a lot of movement so just stretched out of a square shape.  You can see in the wobbly sides,  I did want all of this cushion to be recycled materials however so I pressed on with the stretchy recycled shirt.

So this as another design that I love and such a super way to use up the tiniest bits of fabric. In fact I will be saving even the smallest offcuts from now on with this in mind so friends may be getting gifts with maple leaves on them.

 The base of the cushion is recycled denim (one of my favourites) old shirts, fabric bits from various projects and the ribbon came around a throw I was gifted.  All in all a lovely new from old project, I do need to quickly run up and stuff with oddments a smaller cushion pad for it, as the one in the image was a bit full and that doesn't make for a soft cushion. 

These would also make really nice gifts I think, the outlay would be just the cushion pad if you re-use fabric for the cover, they are really time consuming though so I would suggest gifting to those who appreciate how labour intensive handmade is.  Has anyone else made anything different with this design?

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