Thursday, 31 March 2016

Charity Shop Bargains

It has been a lovely Easter break being at home and as we didn't get away this holiday we went for lunch yesterday at a lovely cafĂ© called Made by Jonty and if you are ever in Sheffield I recommend it. We have been about three times now I think and each time I have had something different and it has all been gorgeous.  They always cater for vegetarian and GF and all the cakes are GF (yes, all of them!) Here is the link for anyone close enough to want to try it Made by Jonty. The presentation of the food is also excellent you would think you were in a posh restaurant (not that I go in those).

While we were out we had a little look in the charity shops and mostly I browse but every once in a while I spot something and today I saw just what I wanted,  a set of four coasters as my puppy keeps grabbing them off the table and running off with them, by the time I get them back they are chewed at the edges.  He is getting a bit better and occasionally 'drop' is understood but for now new ones were needed.   I didn't want to pay a lot for them as they still get snatched but I also didn't want to buy boring ones.  These are just great as they are 'William Morris' designs and they were brand new but only £1.50.
I love them and they have inspired me to learn a bit more about the designer.  I read a bit a few years ago when one of my sons was doing art based on his work at school, but having also read about his translating, business, print work and social activism I thought it would be good to learn a bit more so I have ordered a book about him from the library.  I will update a bit more on that when it arrives in the meantime I have been looking at gorgeous  images of his work online.

Also pictured above is the book I also got which was on my to do list, it is brand new I don't think it has been read as there is not one crease and only £1. I like to get my books from the library mostly but I do buy occasional gems to keep or if the price is right like this one.

  Speaking of the library I have been there today and I got a few good titles to keep me busy for the next few weeks.  Two of them I have had before but one is a craft book that I loved and I am keen to look through again to choose something else to make and that is the Mollie Makes feathered friends one. The other is about following your dreams and last time I only skimmed it, was busy and tried to renew but it had a hold on so I took it back.  The good thing about the library though is that you can always take them out again so I did.
After I got back from the library I gave my chest of drawers another coat of primer, now that is something I'm working on at the moment doing up some old furniture I bought from the charity shop a few weeks ago, I will share when it is complete. 

Then we went on a long walk with the dogs which also involved the vets for booster injections for two of them and ongoing meds for one of them, a very expensive walk that was!  Tomorrow the car is in for its MOT. So just as well we didn't go on holiday I think.


  1. Those William Morris Coasters were a find, nicely done!
    Isn't William Morris the one who said those wise words "Have nothing you don't know to be useful or believe to be beautiful" something along those lines anyway!

  2. Yes he was 'Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful' William Morris. I love that too. I had to have a look back to find it as I always remember it a little bit differently. x


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