Saturday, 9 January 2016

Charity Finds and Trying Something New

Yesterday the rain finally let up a little so I could actually get outside without getting drenched. In fact the sun actually came out for a bit I hope that was the case where you are too.
It made such a difference to my mood, after I had walked the dogs I brought them back and then walked down to the shops on my own.

First off I visited the library, I was pleased to discover two of the books I had ordered had arrived and while I was there  I also picked up a beginner book on crochet. Now this is something I have fancied having a go at for a while and I look at quite a few blogs that have some fabulous projects featured using this skill.
So I have had a look though (with a cup of tea and leftover chocolate coins) made a few notes and ordered some hooks off ebay, I just need to source some inexpensive wool to practise on.  (The hooks were only £2)  

One of the blogs I like that features lots of crochet is Attic 24 and if you follow that link it will take you straight to the gorgeous winter wreath she made last year which I can't stop admiring.  Now I am not thinking I will be able to create anything like that but it just goes to show what the accomplished are creating.

After the library I had a look in a couple of charity shops hoping to find a cheap hook and wool. Unfortunately they had no hooks but lots of needles (if you are a knitter get to the charity shops they had all sizes for 25p!) also the wool was £1. 90 a ball for 100g and I'm sure I can do better than that and really I would like smaller balls in  different colours, maybe part used for making the squares.

However while in the charity shop I saw this winter jacket at half price making it £3!
It is really well made and was too good to pass up so it came home with me.

Back home I got on with making a few more cards, I have found looking on pinterest useful for ideas I don't make them exactly the same but you can pick up a few things and switch them around.  The two below were inspired from there.
  As ever I didn't buy any bits but used left over papers, the pink papers are from the inserts from an old greeting card, the gold and brown is re-used wrapping paper, and the ribbon on the dress is the shoulder hanger ribbon from a top. I always cut these off as they are annoying but they are handy bits of ribbon.

I know lots of people buy expensive papers and the cutting and embossing machines for card making but I wanted to keep this a re-cycling activity.  I also made the envelopes to go with them from some gift wrap I had  around.
There is the re-used pink paper again to make little labels.


  1. looks like a great day, that jacket is fab.

  2. The cards are really lovely, you are talented.
    Pam in TX.xx


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