Sunday, 31 May 2015

More Barcelona

Today is so grey and blowy, I walked up the hill earlier from church and thought what a huge difference the sun makes. Everything looks better under a blue sky, we have a beautiful country here it just needs more sun! I have just seen a link that someone shared though that says we are going to be having glorious weather by the end of next week so I look forward to that.
For now here a a few more pictures of my trip, below are some of Sagrada Familia again we didn't get inside as the lines  went right around the building  for tickets and that was on both sides. Also the children were not as interested as I was, they looked at the outside, declared it impressive then continued their conversation with each other about something totally unrelated. It was also expensive to go inside I thought for a family, there is some further information here
So much work still going on here.

A few random tourists in this shot!

These pictures really do not do it justice, the scale and detail are incredible. It is so busy in the area though it was difficult to get good photos as somebody was always in front of you with their head in the way!
We walked from Park Guell  to Sagrada Familia using our map and stopped halfway down for lunch. After we spent a bit of time in that area everyone was ready to head back. 

Lovely palms I wish we could have these in the garden, we have had a few palm plants before that looked amazing but they always die in our cool climate.

                                           The view from my apartment on Friday
So now I need to go and tackle the ironing mountain, cook the dinner, walk the dogs under the grey sky (boo! grey sky) and get back into routine. 


  1. wow, that is some impressive building, I have loved looking at your pictures, thnak you for sharing, I think Barcelona will be on my city visit list.x

  2. How wonderful, I am so pleased that you had such a nice time.
    The memories will stay with you. Thank you for posting the pictures, it looked beautiful.
    I hope you get some nice weather now that you are at home, to ease you back into routine.
    Take care,
    Pam in TX.xx

  3. I would love to go to Barcelona and see Gaudis architecture!! Lucky you :)


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