Saturday, 30 May 2015

Barcelona Trip

Hello we got back from Barcelona at 3.30 am today! I was very tired and said I was not going away abroad again because the journey back had me shattered. Well  after a good sleep I have decided that was a silly thing to say as we had such a good time and I love the place.
 I could live there it is so lovely, I have to specify that it is on the coast where we stayed about forty minutes on the train outside the city. I would not want to live in the centre, cities are too crowded and rushed for me with not enough open spaces.  The place we stayed appears to be a Spanish resort so not full of English tourists, we have been before about seven years ago (I thought it was less) and we like the fact that it is mainly Spanish people, you go away to other countries to experience their culture not recreate what you have at home.
I would say in a lot of the bars and restaurants they don't speak much English, same again in the shops but again this was not a problem you can make yourself understood and it forced me to order all  our food and drinks in my limited Spanish. My husband also managed with a bit of point and mime!
We are already planning to go back next year, either the same place or just up the coast one train stop away. We have visited Barcelona City a few times now so next year we will get the train to other places but the coastal area is just beautiful so we will return there but stay out of the city.
I love the Spanish way of life and how everyone comes out and socialises in the evening, children enjoying meals with their parents and the relaxed nature.  Here are  a few pictures below, I may have to post some more tomorrow.
 This was quite a quiet beach really, you can see it is not overcrowded and what a pretty place.

This is Sitges where we visited on the train, the trains are so regular and cheap.  It is a gorgeous place and worth a visit if you are ever close enough.  I know lots of people go on trips organised by tour operators on holiday, don't! They really rip you off by charging way too much, if you don't like getting the train buses are also good. Even an expensive taxi journey for a family of four would work out better than paying tour operators excursion prices per person.

The entrance to Park Guell you can read about it here we had a good walk around the park  but the fee paying bit of it had a three hour wait so we gave that a miss.

A view from near the top.

I have to say if you are going to visit Park Guell in Barcelona please bear in mind it is not for people unsteady on their feet or have health breathing issues.  We are all fit and well but it is all up hill and steps, lots and lots of steps, plus it is very hot.  It was also scenic with lovely views when you get to the top.
We got a train into Barcelona then I asked at the tourist office and we caught a bus outside that took us close by.  It was quite funny because I was following all the stops with my map so we didn't miss it and we were about to get off when a lovely Spanish lady (who must have been watching me checking all the street names and stops) said Park Guell another two stops, in Spanish. We thanked her and the bus stopped at the bottom of the hill.  That is another thing you have a hill to walk up before you even reach the park.  Very kind of that lady to help us.
I will post more tomorrow.

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  1. oh it looks fab, cant wait to see more pics. x


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