Monday, 5 January 2015

Weekend Sewing

I thought I had better get on here and update quickly as soon as I came home as now I am back at work time is tight.  Saturday afternoon I made up another dress along the same idea as the blue one but this time without sleeves.  This material was not as heavy as the blue and with quite a bit of bounce which always makes for awkward stitching but it was still pretty quick to put together.
It was green in the picture when I ordered it (the lines in the check) but after staring at it it looks brown to me, then at work today I looked down and it did in fact look a bit olive green. So maybe I am colour blind, or I have bought some weird chameleon type fabric. It was worn today with very thick brown tights and a long sleeved brown T  shirt underneath.
I had to face around the sleeves on this one and I have not done belt loops as I have different size belts which I may wear depending on what top I wear underneath this.
Yesterday I made up a sweatshirt , I just used used a top I already had and made it loose, a piece for front and back, sleeves and a bottom extra hem piece.  Again very quick to make up so I really need to source  some more good heavy sweatshirt fabric (preferably with a bit of detail in it so it doesn't look too much like a hoody.)
This fabric had a bit of a fleck in it, a bit more interesting than plain, but quite a lot of fray.
So that was all of the fabric I bought a month ago with birthday money, it certainly gave me more value and entertainment than buying the items.  I have a few fabrics left bought at other times still to be made up so I haven't ran out just yet.  I will break down the cost of these items in a few days and hopefully inspire you to sew, or at least give it a go.


  1. I love all your sewing and so admire you for making time to do something you love. You have inspired me to do a bit more sewing! Do you find that the dressmakers mannequin makes a bit difference to how your clothes turn out?

  2. Thank you Shirley. I find that it helps me to have a quick glimpse of how things are going by using the mannequins now as I go. I used to be constantly trying things on to check if the darts were right or to fit a bit better. I did that for many years and it works , it's just the mannequins are handy to have there right beside you.


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