Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Frugal Crafting

 I read a few  blogs about sewing and crafts and I am often amazed at the amount of fabric some of you have out there. I too love good fabric and gaze at what is on offer at sites like fabric rehab but often only buy a small amount as it is just so expensive.

The same can be said of wool, embroidery threads and card making supplies.  I tend to try and recycle as much as I can and liven things up with bits of newness. This is always easier of course with small projects not so easy with large clothing unless your into patchwork although I did see this fabulous dress at Crab &Bee  she has used up her scraps to make a dress what a super idea.

I was looking through some bits and found this lot...
Here we have some Christmas stickers that came with a magazine last year, ribbons from chocolate boxes, a bit of posh wrapping paper that was around a gift I was given and some card toppers that were on sale for pennies last January.  So some card making in the next couple of days I think.

I also found these papers/vinyl I'm not sure what they are exactly but they were samples that someone gave me and I have used in the past but I have loads left. It is very thick, but they were throwing them out and there is such a collection of designs, just think what people pay for craft papers for scrap booking.

Finally there are a couple of craft magazines that I had bought for me that I have kept, I came across these in my desk and looking at them now I have some renewed inspiration from them.

 I think saving these sorts of bits and pieces can really save you money. I am not suggesting you hoard everything but visiting craft stores can be expensive and when you look at some of the items they sell you are just paying to have things pre-cut.

There was lady demonstrating this fantastic machine that cut papers into all sorts of intricate designs the last time I visited. It was very expensive and on top of the machine you had to buy all the stencils separately, I was quite shocked how many were selling. 

 There are a few bits of sewing that need finishing off this week plus stuff for other people, it is hard to get on when we only have slots of time here and there but hopefully all will be done for the weekend. I am going to have a look on the library website now and see if there are any Christmas craft books I can order to further use up some of my bits and pieces. 

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  1. What lovely ideas and supplies you have. I will look forward to seeing what you make.
    I think you are super productive, with a home and family, work and still finding time to craft, well done indeed.
    Love from Pam in Texas.xx


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