Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Easy Frill T shirt

Looking through my fabric box I found a piece of jersey about three quarters of a metre, I made a simple T shirt with it just using one of my existing ones.
I wanted to do something a little different around the neck otherwise they all tend to look the same.  The good thing is they do come in handy when it's cold for layering up with other things.

The fabric is navy blue although it looks quite dark on here. I got the idea for the collar from Tea Rose Home so thank you Sachiko for the inspiration.  On her blog she uses two T shirts and puts ruffles all over the front and on one shirt she also puts them at the bottom.  I have made this shirt and just added one frill at the neck but you could use Sachiko's idea and revamp some of your existing tops maybe by doing a ruffle in a different colour.

I just cut a long straight strip, left it raw at the edges and I pleated it on once I had faced my neckline. It instructed you to gather on the Tea Rose Home blog but I prefer it quite neat so I often do little pleats when I am instructed to gather!
There are some more bits of jersey I have left over from other things but they might not be quite big enough to do long sleeves, there may be a few more variations made up with short sleeves.

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  1. Another triumph, very nice indeed.
    I was thinking also that it might be quick and easy to add similar frills or decoration to a plain top to give it character and style. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Pam in


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