Saturday, 22 November 2014

Charity Shop Finds

Had a little peak in our local St Luke's charity shop today and came away with a couple of  bargains. I went in with the intention of looking for fabric, so not necessarily just looking on rails of clothes that fit me. I think this is important if you sew as you can get much better bargains and more fabric for your money if you look on rails of different sizes.  You have more to play with in terms of revamping an item, also if you keep a look out for sheets, pillowcases and curtains you can get a large amount of fabric that way for other projects.
I found this size 14 skirt in a lovely tweed, it is almost to the floor...
It is a dark picture so it is hard to see but it is pale blue and grey with a blue lining.

I intend on remaking this tomorrow, it will become a much shorter skirt (above the knee) sized down to an eight.  I may do a straight hem or a bit of a layer/ ruffle, I'm not sure yet.  Either way there will be lots of fabric left for a bag or something else.  It cost just £3.00.

While I was looking my husband picked up this cute little teapot...
It has a cup at the bottom and is for tea for one.
It still had the original stickers on the bottom and appears brand new. It was £1.50, I have seen these before but I never thought they were worth the usual price, this one is ideal it even says Earl Grey on one side which is what I drink. 

I then had a visit to the library to pick up a book on order and return a few. Here is what I ordered...
I will see how this goes, none of the books I have read recently have been very gripping and as this was the winner of  The Man Booker Prize lets hope it proves worthy!  It doesn't always work that way though does it?  Sometimes films win loads of awards and then they are just plain dull.  It is sometimes the lesser known books or films that leave an impression on you, and of course it is a matter of personal taste.

Later in the day I visited my favourite sewing shop and also bought new fabric for a shirt I'm going to make for me. (I know I said I wouldn't buy any new for a while but it wasn't expensive and I had the need to make a shirt)  I wanted to make one for my husband but he said there is no need as they are cheap enough to buy! Really they don't get it, they are cheap as they are mass produced over seas.  My son did however say he would like a jacket as he has seen nothing he wants in the shops.  We are going to have a look one week so I can make one for him.  
Quite excited by this as many of you with girls probably get to sew for them all the time but with boys usually never once they are older.

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