Monday, 27 October 2014

Half Term Sewing and Dark Nights

Lovely half term! Time to do what I want, that is a very positive thing about October, getting a week off work, other good things are my lovely sons birthday which is a positive in itself but we also always go away for the weekend as his treat. The other lovely thing is its my wedding anniversary this month.
 Now not so good stuff about October, dark nights, cold, dead plants (Ooh yes the trees look gorgeous but the rest of the garden doesn't) and the consumer nightmare in the shops that is Halloween.  Who is buying all that pointless tat? Also what exactly are we supposed to celebrate for this occasion? Zombies, witchcraft and axe murderers? Er no thanks.
I know I sound a bit grumpy about that but really, buy a pumpkin make a lantern and soup of course (don't wast the middle, I bet loads of people do) but the rest of it is just throwing money away.
Speaking of dark nights here is a picture I took at 3.50 when I went to drop my son off at his friends house for tea.
Oddly the sky looks quite bright in the picture it wasn't as I took it, by 4.15 as I was driving back I had to put headlights on and many street lights had come on. I really am a summer person.

Now I have to find some wonderful things to embrace about the dark night so any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  I have already thought I will start lighting candles as they make everything cosy, I was very impressed buy some knitting I saw by Jo at Making it well she has recovered from an illness and been making stuff ever since.  Her sewing is fabulous but her knits fit so well, such a talented person.  I am inspired to knit something although mine wont be anything like hers.
I have knitted years ago but it takes so long I get impatient, maybe its just the thing to see me through winter.
This morning I got in an early swim  and intend to do that everyday this week while I am off as I never get to go in the morning when I'm working as it starts at 7.00 am and I have to leave for work at 7.25.  I go at night and then it is busy.
A new bag was made with little scottie dogs on, I will photograph tomorrow in day light!  I used this fabric that I was charged double for (not happy about that)...

I have a bit left so I may list that one and make a slightly different version for me.
This week I started reading 'The map of time' so far so good.

It is set in the era of Jack the Ripper in White Chappel so anyone who is a fan of Ripper Street may like it. It promises a time machine at some point but I haven't come across one yet, also the author keeps addressing you as you read with things like 'oh I'm straying off point here' and 'let us return to this character' which is a bit odd but I'm sure I will get used to it. 
Back soon with daylight pictures of new bag. 

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