Friday, 1 August 2014

Charity Shop Dresses and Feeling Good

I have just had a few days away in the caravan at  Whitby and lucky for us we picked a good week.  The sun has shone the whole time and it only rained one evening during the night.  Anyone who has a caravan will know that this is good news as there is nothing worse than being stuck inside while it pours.  We always take the dogs so it is not as if we can go and do an indoor activity if it rains because you can't usually take the dogs in anywhere.
 So lovely sunshine and a little bit of a look in the Charity shops, I don't know  why but Whitby and Scarborough have all the best Charity  shops or at least I always seem to spot something when we go there. We had a day at Scarborough also as it is just a short drive but Whitby was just a two mile walk so we walked there and back everyday.

When we get such good weather it really makes a difference.

So I had a look in the Charity shops like I said and spotted three dresses. Each one was £5 and I love them all, to be honest I saw more than three but I did restrain myself from buying more I'm going away again later this year so I though I had better pace myself. 
This one is a Dorothy Perkins dress and I have  a yellow dress in similar fabric that can be just washed, hung up and never needs ironing ( so a favourite of mine) I don't know how the little pleats will survive without an iron though, it is in the wash now so I will soon find out. 
This one is a make I don't know (Voodoo ?) again that lovely fabric that doesn't need an iron.  A summery dress but one that I think could be layered in the Autumn.
This is a definite summer dress but I love the colours.

So for £15 I have three new outfits. I am not some one who lets clothes sit in the wardrobe unworn, so the little bit of advice that tells people to get rid of clothes they haven't worn for a while rarely applies to me.
  I like to wear something nice everyday if I can.  If I am home on my own that makes no difference because I like to wear  clothes for me and not other people. 
Some items will only be worn in the summer but they will come out again next year and the year after.  This will go on until they no longer look good or I am fed up with them, if they are still in good condition when I tire of them they will go back to the charity shop.
It would have cost me more to make any one of these dresses and while I love to sew I also like to be practical about the value of it.
I think a dress is quick and easy you don't have to hunt around for something to go with it and I think they always look nice I'm also most comfortable in them.  
My mum likes to buy herself clothes to go out in at the weekend (she goes out once a week) she buys a lot, something new most weeks, however she will only wear these items for her weekly night out.  I really don't get this, she has an ever mounting collection of nice clothes that are rarely worn as she is always buying new but wears the same things day to day.  Her logic being 'but they are too nice to wear every day'  Why? Are we only allowed to look nice once a week?  
It is up to individuals how they dress and how they feel about this I know, but my feeling is if I think I am well presented then it makes me feel good, and I want to feel good everyday.  If other people don't like like that then that is up to them.  I don't think it needs to cost the earth and I certainly don't go in for expensive beauty treatments but if that is what makes you feel happy and you can afford it ( very important that bit!) then good for you. 
I have an amazing book called 'The 24 Hour turn Around' I think I may have mentioned it before...
My book doesn't have this cover it is very old and has been read many times.
In this book there is a whole section on appearance,( not as vacuous as it sounds) it is about they way people feel about them selves about how others perceive you.  It states that often when people have anything from a splash of perfume to cosmetic surgery it is not the thing that creates the feeling or change in appearance or mood, but rather the confidence it has given the individual that brings about the most change. 
If you have never read this book I would recommend it, some bits are cheesy but the positive message it has on many different aspects of life are just brilliant.  It is a quick read, intended to be read and digested over 24 hours, I read it a t 23 and have read it again many times since.  After my first reading of the book I enrolled in higher education, gained a degree, changed my job and my attitude, reassessed my attitude towards money and many other areas.  It was originally given to me by a friend  who never read it, I offered it back to her saying you should really read this, she didn't she wasn't bothered.  Personal development reading may not be you thing but you can get this book on Amazon for £1.77 it will be worth every penny. 
I might just mention  I have no affiliation with Amazon nor do I advertise or promote for pay, this is just a tool that I have found useful in my life. Let me know if you read it.

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