Friday, 27 June 2014

Frugal Friday Dinner

Just got home tonight and realised that there wasn't enough quorn mince for the bolognaise  that I intended to do for dinner.  I was loath to go out and buy any more as we are going to do the shopping tomorrow, also it is raining and I really didn't want to go out again. I had one small chicken breast left and there was a can of chick peas in the cupboard.  I added the chickpeas to the bolognaise and fried the chicken in a pan separately as with two of us being vegetarians we really didn't want chicken juices in our food!  I also had a garlic bread in the fridge so we had that also.  A grating of cheese finished it off, it tasted good,  filled us up and I didn't need to go out to the shops.  I might also add that the sauce was out of the freezer that my husband spotted in Tesco a couple of weeks ago in the marked down fridge for 15p. It was over a pound to begin with and was perfect for freezing so he bought two.
I then found this site after thinking how useful it is to have chickpeas in the cupboard, . 10 weeknight dinners with chickpeas

   I should have took some pictures but everything was just cooked and gone in no time, which is how it should be really.  Had I been in a lazy mood I might have said 'Oh what can we have?' and either popped out or suggested a trip to the chippy which is not a fortune but I often think well they were rubbish when we do that.
 I read a post the other day about using up what you have and while I do generally eat what is in and planned for, I find that it is not so easy to make do with what is in the cupboards sometimes with children around.   Even the best thought out meals sometimes elicit moans (teenagers!) so I do admire the likes of Elaine from Mortgage Free in Three who has boys who eat all her frugal creations without complaint.  I have not been too soft and foods have been introduced again and again along with variety but there is some real fussiness.  (I have been told I was equally fussy ) Funny I don't remember, ha!
I have made a decision to be more mindful of spending again as I feel I have slipped a little recently I think it very easy to get into the habit of thinking it's ok to just pop and buy stuff from the shops on a whim. I could afford to go and just eat out this evening but why?  Often it is overpriced and poor quality. (I would recommend using discounts and finding somewhere that serves fresh food . See previous post on cheap Lunch)
I do like to meet up with friends sometimes, so on these occasions we will find somewhere reasonable and eat out then but that is very occasionally.  Most of the time I feel I would rather save for something else.  If anyone has any fail safe recipes for fussy teens  I would love to hear about them.

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