Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Sewing Bee and inspiration

I watched The great British Sewing Bee this evening and I have to say how much I admire those who take part in the show.  I like to sew but I personally can think of nothing worse than doing it under camera with a couple of experts ready to pull my creations to pieces! I have missed a few shows as I didn't realise it had started again as my husband or children generally have the remote even if I am in the same room as the TV.  This evening I really liked what they did with the fancy dress outfits, showing this kind of thing gives people ideas what they can do for their own children with what they have to hand.  I also agreed with the top two chosen for this, the queen of hearts and the pirate outfits, brilliant!
I have to use up some of the stash I have been given from my mother in laws wardrobe clear out, although I had to take some to charity shop as no room for all the fabric and some was fabric I wouldn't use also. There are little bits from projects too which need making up so I have cut some shapes out earlier and thought I'd make a start but they are now left on the table while I decide.
So I'm thinking either a pattern on a toiletries bag,  clutch bag, brooch, embellishment on a T shirt or maybe something else? Every so often I think I may make up lots of little bits like this and do a craft fair but I've read a few people say they have made much and sometimes just covered costs in a day so I  haven't done it.  I looked into booking a place on one locally before Christmas and it was £30 and with the small amounts I'd perhaps charge I didn't think it would be worth it.
Has anyone done one in England? If so what do you make and is it worthwhile?  I know the only way to find out is to have a go but I don't relish the idea of standing on a stall in the rain all day while people pick over stuff and then to come away out of pocket. 

Found these cute little ideas, I think I will make some of these little key rings, they can be given as gifts.

I found this idea on this site Crazy little projects.  They have a crazy monthly challenge on this site and it is 'It's in the bag' for March so I will have to make a new bag and join in.


  1. Does your children's school have a fund raising fair? Tables are not usually expensive at small events like that, think of small things your own children would buy with their pocket money, as well as bigger items like your bags. Once you have done that you will learn about local events from other stallholders.

    1. No nothing like that, they used to have a fundraiser for charities selling things the children had made near Christmas. The school I now work at has one from what I heard today but I wouldn't sell there as I am staff.
      Thanks for the idea. x


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