Friday, 14 March 2014

Frugal Cashew, Cauliflower and Broccoli Korma

After reading Frugal Queens post on sharing our skills so people can make better use of their money I thought I would share this gorgeous recipe I have been making from my lovely cookbook 'Rose Elliot Vegetarian Supercook'

 (I bought it from Oxfam) I made it last night and took the photographs but after reading frugal Queens post I have sat down and worked out the prices so you can see how cheap it is (and really healthy!)  I have changed a couple of bits, like I didn't use the specified oil, I used olive oil as we always use that. Also didn't add fresh curry leaves or okra but it still tasted gorgeous and my very fussy teenage son has had it twice now and eaten it.  You have no idea what a good recommendation that is!

Splash of olive oil
I red onion chopped 25p
2 garlic cloves crushed  8p (ish)
1tsp tumeric  6p ( probably less!)
1tbs ground cumin  8p
1tbs ground coriander 20p
50g cashew nuts   33p  (£1 bag  for 150 g at Aldi)
400ml can coconut milk  50p  Aldi
1/2 cauliflower   75p (£1.50  at most  a full one)
 250 g Broccoli    25p-30p

Rice to serve with it  25p.

I use the boil in the bag ones 4 in a box for a pound at Asda or Aldi 80p.  They are just quick and cook perfect I think 1 bag serves 4 but it depends on your portion sizes.

It is quite easy to make, fry the onion in the oil for a few minutes, stir in garlic, tumeric, cumin and coriander fry a little longer ( don't burn)
Grind the cashew nuts, now I don't have a fancy grinder so what I do is just put them in a plastic freezer bag and just bash them with the wooden rolling pin, its quite stress busting also, after a bit you can roll over it, my son even came in to have a go at this!  If you have a food processor use that  but more washing up.
Add the ground nuts to pan along with the coconut milk..
Let it simmer for 20-30 minutes but keep stirring. I found 20 minutes to be enough.
You can steam the veg but I just microwave it for about 6 minutes then add to curry just before serving for a few minutes to cook through and coat.  I think you can use more veg if you want it to go further, also the recipe states to add 400ml of water but I didn't, maybe with more veg and more simmering you would.
Of course make sure you are boiling your rice while you are doing all this!  I then made a a raita dip to go with it, my way is just chop some cucumber, add some mayonnaise and a spoon full of mint sauce and stir.
You can see another curry on the go in the background as my husband and younger child both have a chicken curry. 
We also had some naan bread 2 between 4 the little fresh ones are 25-30p each. I worked the prices out roughly and the spices probably cost less per portion so about £2.55 for 4 people or 63p each only 88p with a naan each!  If you don't have the spices bear in mind that once you buy them you can make this curry for weeks.  I always have mayonnaise , cucumber and mint sauce in so this was not an additional expense.  You can also do chopped tomato, chopped red onion and a spoon of mint sauce that is good too.
Well I hope this  has helped someone or maybe stopped them from buying a take away tomorrow evening.  It is the weekend so why not try it and let me know what you think.  
I will be trying more recipes from this book so I will post on any I feel are tasty and good value.  I always change things if I think some ingredients are too pricey though.


  1. This sounds so tasty, going to have to try this one, love curry and at a good price, the kids will love it too, thankyou for taking the time out to cost out aswell.

  2. I think it is nice and mild for children. x

  3. I will be trying this one, sounds delicious


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