Monday, 6 January 2014

Recycled clothing

I've just brought one of my charity shop finds down to hem earlier which I bought in the summer. ( It was intended for the winter it's always good to get out of season clothes they are cheaper) I was wondering how I will layer it up then got to thinking about some of the other items in my wardrobe that I tend to wear with the same things. If we mix up what we have it gives the illusion of newness without the price tag. I like to look at refashion  ideas on the internet as someone else may have a new way of wearing clothes you hadn't thought of. For example I have been wearing long sleeved tops under dresses through the winter for years in different colours, a friend a couple of years ago said to me I'm going to do that so I can wear my dresses for longer.  I thought it was obvious but it just shows we can get ideas and not have to buy a load of new stuff.
I found this great blog recyclart (take a look) in which someone has made a dress out of upholstery fabric samples. It just show unexpected sources of fabric can be used for something original.
I love these looks below but I won't be dashing out to buy any of them, I love the colours and the use of scarves and belts.

So I have decided to try and mix things up a bit over the coming weeks and wear things in a new way, I will try to remember to photograph and post on this. Lets face it we all have enough clothes and if you sew they can be reinvented or updated. I personally don't like the whole capsule wardrobe thing as it means people tend to get rid of lots of stuff, buy items that supposedly go together and then you can bet in a few months when the novelty wears off they will be missing some of those items. ( Or I would, think of all the wasted fabric!)

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