Monday, 28 October 2013

Handmade roller blind

I have caught up on a few things this last week. The first thing is I have been meaning to replace the roller blind in the bathroom for a while now and I had the fabric but I just hadn't got around to it.  I bought the fabric earlier in the year from IKEA for £5 pounds which I didn't think was too bad and it's quite a heavy fabric for curtains or upholstery. I took the one down from the bathroom and just removed the fabric from the roller. I then took out the panel from the bottom that makes it hang straight, I laid it out on the fabric and cut a piece allowing for a hem up each side and a channel for the plastic panel at the bottom and hemmed. This really took no time at all so I don't know why I have left it so long.  My husband then got his electric stapler and stapled the fabric to the original roller blind tube. ( If you don't have one of these you could go with my original idea of strong fabric glue, or there are quite strong tapes now that even hold up pictures!)
We put it up and it has transformed the window. Sorry the picture is dark, these dark nights mean that if you don't get time in the daylight you have no chance of a good picture.  I think the orange goes well with the mosaic in my tiles ( sorry you can't see this in the picture)

Now I know you may look and think well shouldn't the birds be the other way? Well you may be right but because of the width of the fabric this way it fitted with the  meter I bought and of course I don't mind.  The mechanism in the blind still works perfectly well and it means I have a new blind for a fiver in just the fabric I wanted.
The other thing I caught up was some more cushions for the living room. I showed a few some weeks ago but this is ongoing as I wanted to replace all of them.  I have done two more using up my fabrics and charity shop pillow cases etc. They are both different designs as I like them to look random. Unfortunately again the picture was taken in the evening so it does not do the colours justice.  
If you look at the cushion with the heart in the center you can see a bit of the cherry vintage fabric that I made someone a dress with a number of weeks ago.  I like to use up all the little bits. 

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Autumn mini break

Last weekend we went away in our caravan to make the most of the late sunshine. I've been trying to get on here to post but I have been getting an error message every time. That is the reason for my absence. we went to Sherwood forest caravan park which is brilliant for a short stay as at the weekend you do not have to leave on the Sunday until teatime so this gives you another full day. We were right beside the river so we had a lovely view when we sat outside and there is loads of room the site is big but scenic so this is great for walking the dogs. Here are the dogs I have two Jack Russell's.

We visited Newark on the Saturday which is a nice town to visit and we have been there before, there is a castle and another good walk along the river with a market in  the town square, always good for a look around ( you don't have to buy anything you can just look. Shocking I know!) 

The weather was amazing all weekend so this made it a wonderful inexpensive get away but things would have been very different if not for the weather. We even managed to eat outside both evenings. In October! We had jackets on of course and the children rode around on their bikes.  On the Sunday we visited Rufford Abbey and I will definitely be returning here again, lots to see, and once you have paid for parking entrance to look around the ruin is free. 
Here is the wonderful nature reserve part that you can walk around.  There are places to eat and a children's play area but mine were a bit old for that and I would take a picnic as eating at these places is always expensive for what you get. It is always better to eat outside if the weather is nice anyway.  

After we got back last Sunday evening I feel like I haven't been able to catch up with everything that needs doing around the house. That is the one downside to a weekend away when you work full  time.  This week has seen a drastic decline in the weather however and it is much more like Autumn now, I  had to have the heating on already. I know I should wear a sweater and I do but I also need to get the washing dry and the dryer is expensive and ruins clothes. 

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